PVC 1 x 1 m Ground Control Points (10 pieces)

299,00  (364,78  inc. tax)

4 years after the original Pixracer was designed and proven, this product represents an answer to the need to bring the design to the forefront of open-source flight controllers. With the Pixracer Pro, FPV and Professional UAV community can enjoy what they loved about the original Pixracer and improved every deficiency that was known. The resulting model is destined to become the new go-to flight controller for developers and will provide a rock solid foundation for commercial and industrial systems.

Waterproof, high-visibility Ground Control Points Set in PVC (10 pieces).

– Material: PVC
– Waterproof
– Size: 1.0 x 1.0 m
– Customizable Logo and Colors


[Made in Italy]

10 x pieces.


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