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We provide custom component design and  manufacturing, standard mechanical parts and hardware procurement. 
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Custom Procurement Services

Do you need help with a special project? Do you need custom systems, part and component procurement even for small production? Don’t hesitate: no question is stupid and no production is too small. We can help you by providing some value-added services adapted to your needs.
In this section you can find a few of them. For more informations please don’t hesitate to contact us.


– Complete custom-designed Airframes (Single, Multi-material, Carbon and Nylon reinforced, Metal)

– Carbon-Composite/Kevlar-reinforced plates, tubes, shells.

– 3D Printed components (Single, Multi-material, Carbon and Nylon reinforced, Metal)

– CNC Machined components (Aluminum, CFRP, CC, Kevlar, Wood)

– Metal parts and components (Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, Stainless Steel)


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